Payday Loan Pitfalls

Payday Loan Pitfalls

Are you looking for some quick cash? Need to fix something or pay for something today, but you don't get paid for a few more weeks? With many people living paycheck to paycheck, this type of problem is common. Unfortunately, we all don't have a savings to fall back on. Payday loans are a way to get the funds you need quickly.

Payday loan providers are available everywhere. In fact, they are more popular today then ever. Is this type of loan something to take lightly though? The answer to that is to tread lightly. Payday loans can be a blessing but can also be a pitfall to many.

First some basic information about how payday loans work. Let's say that you need to borrow some money to pay an overdue bill. You won't get paid at your job for awhile, up to two weeks. Payday loan companies can provide you with this money and will hold a check that you write against your checking account unti l you get paid. Of course, there is a fee involved. Assuming you have the money in your account on the agreed upon day, the payday loan company will deposit the check you wrote and all is said and done. But, what happens if you are late with this payment?

This is where Payday loans get tricky. Maybe it was an honest mistake or something just came up and you can't pay them back right away. Often times, Payday loan providers can charge you outrageous fees, sometimes 400% more then originally loaned. While this seems crazy, it is all written out in the contract you signed when you borrowed the money from the loan company in the first place.

But, it can get even worse then this. If you borrow against your paycheck this time to pay off regularly occurring bills, chances are you will need to borrow again and again. This is how payday loan providers make their loans very profitable. You have to come back again and again in order to keep up. The wisest choice is to use P ayday loan companies as a last resort and in times of emergency. While the service they offer is great in times of need, the fees they charge can hurt the average person trying to make ends meet.

Lastly, when you need to use a Payday loan provider, you will need several things. Most Payday loan companies require you to have one or several pay check stubs to verify that you will have the funds to pay them back. This is also how they determine how much money you can borrow from them. You may also be required to have an open, active checking account that has at least a few bucks in it to show proof that your check is good. Other items you may need differ from location to location. It is a safe bet to call the location before leaving the house to determine what you will need to have with you.

All this said and done, you may be leery of using a payday loan provider. The facts are that they can provide you with a quick way to get the money you need. Yes, they are going to charge you to borrow it, but as long as you pay it back on time and don't make a habit of borrowing from them, Payday loans are just fine. You may also want to take a few minutes and shop around. Yes, shop around the different payday loan companies to find the best rates and lowest fees. There is no sense in throwing money away on one Payday loan [] provider if another has a lower fee.

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Payday Loan Pitfalls

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